Volvo is proud of its reputation for building solid, reliable vehicles for families and commuters. Lovering Volvo Cars Meredith is equally proud to sell these great cars to you and your family. From the minute you leave our dealership, you can feel confident in your new Volvo purchase, which comes backed by a number of warranties.

Basic Warranty

This warranty covers the majority of parts on your Volvo, like your emissions equipment. There are some items that are not covered under the warranty because they are subject to wear and tear and are meant to be replaced in the normal course of use, like oil and air filters, brake pads, and wiper blades. The tires and battery are covered under their individual warranties from their manufacturers, however. This warranty lasts for 50,000 miles or for four years, whichever comes first.

Drive Train Warranty

This warranty covers any parts of the vehicle that make the car drive like the engine, transmission, the drive shaft, and the drive axles. There are some parts that are not covered under this because they are intended to be repaired or replaced in the normal course of wear, such as the belts and hoses. Ball bearings and pistons are covered, as they are subject to wear and tear within the normal course of driving but will not need to be regularly replaced. This warranty lasts for 50,000 miles or four years.

Maintenance Warranty

This maintenance warranty covers complimentary maintenance at regularly scheduled intervals. Your car will be checked over and tuned up at 10,000 miles, 20,000 miles, and 30,000 miles. We want to make sure that your car is serviced by certified Volvo technicians who know your car inside and out, so your service will be performed at a certified Volvo service center. All Volvo vehicles are covered by this warranty, and it will last for 36,000 miles or three years.

You can also choose maintenance programs that will give you additional coverage for up to 100,000 miles. Choose from a regular prepaid plan for factory-scheduled maintenance intervals, or a plan that covers wear item coverage (belts, hoses, etc) in addition to the regular maintenance.

Roadside Assistance Warranty

This warranty allows you access to Volvo's roadside assistance program. This gets you access to map service and trip routing, benefits for trip interruption like car rental and shuttles, as well as 24/7 roadside assistance for emergencies or otherwise. You'll also get benefits for car theft protection. This warranty lasts four years with no mileage restrictions.

Rust and Corrosion Warranty

This warranty covers the replacement or repair of the sheet metal of your Volvo in cases of rust and corrosion which are severe enough to cause holes. However, rust which doesn't cause holes and is only on the surface is not covered. This warranty lasts for 12 years without a mileage restriction.

Certified Pre-Owned Warranty

Lovering Volvo Cars Meredith is proud to sell certified pre-owned Volvo vehicles, all of which are covered under a pre-owned warranty. This warranty covers nearly every component in your Volvo for replacement or repair in case of wear or breakage. You'll also get complimentary roadside assistance. There will be no deductible for any and all service visits that are covered under this warranty. It lasts until the car is seven years old or 100,000 miles are on the odometer.

Learn More About Volvo Warranty Coverage

For more information about Volvo warranties or to invest in your own Volvo, contact our Lovering Volvo Cars Meredith staff or visit our dealership.

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