Pilot-Assist-1-768x527Pilot Assist

Volvo revisited its Pilot Assist technology and reinvented it into something more advanced. The new system makes your drive as easy and enjoyable as possible right now. At this time, there are a few models with the secondary version of Pilot Assist - 2017 S90, 2017 XC90, and the 2017 V90CC, etc.

Pilot Assist 2 works up to speeds of about 80 MPH. This technology will slow the vehicle down by braking and will accelerate to keep at the speed that you decide on. You'll be amazed when you see how easily Pilot Assist will steer the vehicle around twists and turns in the road without your input.



Pilot Assist 2City Safety

Volvo's auto-braking system is called City Safety. It works in the daytime and even at night, as long as the lines on the road are visible. The purpose of this system is to prevent accidents with pedestrians, cyclists, and the driver in front of you - all of which are some of the most common causes of accidents. Pilot Assist 2 adds new technology such as being able to stop your vehicle at an intersection if you happen to cross the path of an incoming vehicle, in addition to large animal detection.


Park Assist

What is your least favorite part of driving into the city? A lot of stress while driving can be due to parking. Volvo removed the hassle of parking with the new Park Assist Pilot. It is now incredibly easy to park into tight spaces - even those that are just 1.2x the size of your vehicle. This system will reverse the vehicle into a spot, or even parallel park itself. In order to use this system, your Volvo will do the steering. The driver is simply in charge of pressing on the break or accelerator (when prompted by the Volvo).



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