Volvo Cars' Sensus Connect has been seen as such an extraordinary system that it was awarded the 'Most Innovative System' at the 2015 HMI Concept & Systems conference in Berlin. Volvo did research on passenger experience worldwide to discover how they wanted to develop an answer to passengers' emotional and physical needs for a new control system. The HMI system now consists of a touchscreen interface and an intelligent tiling system.

The system consists of a touchscreen interface, the driver information cluster, and the Head-Up Display. Designers realized that there is a lot of information, but there is some information that is more time sensitive, and other information is more important in other ways. It would be great to portray all of the information to the driver, but that could result in information overload. Part of what makes this system so great is how Volvo chose which information was the most important and how they designed to easily pass the information along to the driver and passengers.

Volvo had to create their HMI in a way that would aid them in their mission of safety and protecting drivers from serious injuries in Volvos by 2020. This system is also the first of its kind to be able to work even with gloves on your hands. This is just one of the ways that Volvo proves to its customers that their systems are built around you.

In order to make new car technology more people-friendly, Volvo decided that they wanted to do away with the need for the knob. Their next move was more shocking, when they removed the need for buttons…almost completely! The HMI that Volvo did create has a clean, sleek, and very Swedish design to it. Once the buttons were gone, the interface was able to be more intuitive, and allowed Volvo to create a beautiful interior architecture.

The Few Buttons

The few buttons that remain in the Volvo at this time, are quick shortcuts to the media system:

  • Volume
  • Track Skipping
  • Track Pausing
  • Eject
  • Defrosters

The brains of the system is the large tablet-like screen. The screen behaves just like a normal tablet in the sense that it is a touch screen, responding to swipes and other gestures. The tablet uses Volvo's interface which allows the driver to control music and other phone functions. There are four main bars of information on the screen:

  • Navigation
  • Media
  • Phone
  • CarPlay



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