Compact Modular Architecture

Volvo's 40s series vehicles have not been sold in the US in six years. Since then, there has been a large need for premium-compact SUVs and sedans in the market. Volvo's newest platform is the CMA or Compact Modular Architecture and this delivers the ultimate solution for customers in this particular market.

The CMA Platform will provide vehicles in front-wheel and all-wheel drive. The platform is adjustable in every dimension besides between the front axle and firewall.


Volvo XC40

We'll see the CMA platform first on the upcoming XC40 model. Volvo has plans to release the new 2017 XC40 at the end of the year. This vehicle is believed to be based on the 40.1 concept. It will have Volvo's updated features such as the Thor's Hammer LED Headlights, and the L-shaped brake lights. The XC40 will share components of the XC60's interior, including Volvo's award-winning HMI/infotainment system. Some options that we may see would be a larger screen, and an upgraded audio system.

The XC40, though smaller, will still be able to comfortably fit five passengers and their belongings. The XC40 is expected to have features such as adaptive cruise control, lane assist, collision avoidance with auto braking and more of Volvo's latest technology components.




Check back for more information on the Volvo XC40 as we approach its arrival date! You can contact us online here, or reach us on the phone at 603-689-1851. We'd be happy to call when we receive our first model!

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