BLISIntroduction to BLIS

Volvo's Blind Spot Information System is better known in its shorter name of BLIS. Volvo introduced BLIS to the market back in 2003. Before 2003, there was a major piece of driving technology that was missing. There wasn't anything to help drivers in seeing things hiding in their blind spots. It became Volvo's mission to solve this dangerous on-road predicament.

How Does It Work?

BLIS is made up of cameras and radar, which together are constantly keeping a lookout for other vehicles on the sides and back end of your vehicle. A warning lamp turns on if something is in your blind spot in the older vehicles. In newer Volvo models, there is a light that turns on, on the side mirrors of your vehicle. The illuminations give the driver plenty of time to react and plan accordingly to the changing situation on the road.

There are sensors strategically placed in the bumper cover in the back corners of the vehicle. These sensors are constantly scanning and screening, ready to warn you of anything in your way. BLIS cameras are found in the auto-folding side door mirrors.


Award-Winning Technology

Volvo was awarded the AutoCar Safety and Technology Award for introducing BLIS to the market. There was nothing like BLIS out on the market. It was awarded for being something affordable and very useful to consumers.

In order to work towards Volvo's goals of having no one killed or seriously injured in a Volvo, they had to first figure out how they could reduce the total number of accidents that occur. In 2001, it was tested on the Safety Concept Car, and soon after that, the technology was found in consumer vehicles in 2003.

BLIS is such a great addition to vehicles because there is high risk involved with other drivers when someone needs to change lanes, without it. Blind spot technology in a Volvo starts monitoring at speeds as low as 6MPH, and will then notify you of people going just 10MPH faster than you, and will track those going up to 40MPH faster than you.

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