Apple CarPlay in Volvo XC90 We're sure by now that you're familiar with the new and very user-friendly interface screen in the XC90. If not, it is a large, touch screen that drivers use to accomplish anything from using their maps, to making a phone call. The new Volvo XC90 has a very limited amount of buttons because now everything is done through the screen. Things are less cluttered and are less distracting to the driver.

What could make this interface even better? We've now introduced Apple CarPlay to new Volvo models. The first Volvo in the US to have this new technology is the Volvo XC90, and then will be the S90. All new Volvo models entering the market will also have Apple CarPlay capabilities integrated. The update for this software will cost $300. If you took delivery of your XC90 before November 23, 2015, then the software update is free of charge.

Apple CarPlay allows drivers to use features on their phones in a safer way, because it is now displayed on the Volvo screen. Once the iPhone is connected through the XC90's USB port, a portion of the vehicle's screen will convert to the Apple display. The benefit to this system only using a portion of the Volvo screen is that drivers won't have to sort through a number of different menus to change the temperature of the vehicle. You can now simultaneously change the music and the temperature in your car, for example.

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