2017 Volvo S60

The 2017 Volvo S60 was a highly anticipated model. With each year the vehicle returns, it does not disappoint. This model year introduced new trim levels than what was seen in the past. With these three different personalities, there is sure to be an S60 for everybody.

Starting at $33,950

30 mpg Hwy 
5 passengers
240 horsepower, T5 8-speed Geartronic Automatic

s60 4The three trim levels for the 2017 S60s are:

  • S60 Dynamic Edition
  • S60 Inscription
  • S60 R-Design

The S60 Dynamic trim level provides customers with a sporty sedan with top notch safety features - all at a great price point.

The S60 Inscription trim level provides the backseat passengers with more legroom than in any other sedan. It comes standard with many luxurious features which our competitors have yet to offer.

The S60 R-Design provides the customer with chassis, power, and economy of a sports sedan along with the features and safety technology that non-Volvo owners are unfamiliar with.



Volvo S60 - model year 2016Driving Dynamics

MY 2016 S60s are powered by the award winning, Drive-E engines. The re-designed 2016 XC90 uses the highly acclaimed T6 Drive-E engine, which is now also being used in the S60 T6 R-Design.

When the S60 is driving on a curved road, the S60's inner driven wheel is braked, at the same time as there is power power given to the outer driven wheel. Corner Traction Control allows the driver to take the curve tighter, while reducing the tendency to under-steer.

The Volvo S60 is the first sedan on the market with Advanced Stability Control. The S60 has a new roll-angle sensor which makes it possible to identify skidding at an early stage. The anti-skid system steps in earlier and with better precision. This is an excellent asset in dynamic driving involving lateral forces, improving handling and quick avoiding maneuvers.

The ESC system has a sport-mode which makes it possible to drive more actively. This relaxes the anti-spin system and minimizes the vehicle's tendency to under-steer, which will provide the driver with the opportunity to induce over-steer.


Innovative Technology

Volvo S60 Inscription

Volvo ensures drivers with the best in safety technology. Are you familiar with the latest features?

Volvo Sensus Connect:

Volvo's infotainment system is called Sensus Connect. This is the place where all of the information from the audio unit, navigation system, mobile phone, and other functions are presented on a high-res 7″ color-screen in the center console. All of the functions can be controlled from the steering wheel buttons, or through the touch-screen commands.

Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection with Full Auto Brake:

This Volvo technology helps drivers to avoid accidents. The radar and camera based system detects when there are pedestrians in front of the car and proceed to alert the driver if someone walks in front of the vehicle. Then, the system will activate the full braking power of the S60 if the driver does not respond in time. Volvo did find that half of all pedestrian accidents occur at speeds below 16 mph. Because of this, Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake avoids collisions up to 22 mph.



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