Importance of Keeping Cars Clean in the Winter

BOSS-plowThough we haven’t experienced much snow this year, the roads are covered with salt and sand from time to time to prevent ice build up on the roads. If it weren’t for the salt and sand, we wouldn’t have much traction on the wintery roads. However, this road covering does take its toll on our vehicles, but it can be prevented!

In the winter, it is important that you have your vehicle thoroughly washed, and frequently. Always ask for the upgraded wash, that will also include a wash of your undercarriage. This is just as important as washing the exterior of your vehicle to protect the paint.undercarriage1

It’s so important to was the undercarriage of your vehicle because it is the home to many important parts of the car. Mechanics replace dozens of radiators every year because of vehicle owners that do not routinely wash their vehicles. If you’re slacking on getting your vehicle washed, then your radiator and the rest of your vehicle is oxidizing and being eaten away by the salt.

A lifespan of a healthy vehicle could easily reach to be around 15 years. Often times, when a vehicle is not properly taken care of in the winter months, you can see a vehicle being put to rest after about 8 or 9 years. When your car’s frame rots out, it is essentially useless to you.

There are ways to start protecting your vehicle before the wintry months are upon us as well. Check the exterior paint of your vehicle and make notes of any chips in the vehicle. Noting where the chips are will allow you to more evenly apply wax to your vehicle. It is also helpful to your vehicle’s well-being to re-apply the wax coating to best protect the paint.

elegant-volvo-auto-logo-tailor-made-carpet-car-floor-mats-rubber-5pcs-large-1024x768We’ve all seen unsightly saltwater stains on carpeted vehicle floors. Not only is this an eye sore, it is harmful to your vehicle. If you see saltwater on your vehicle floor, you can be sure that it is also seeping through to your undercarriage. In order to prevent this, you can swap out the carpet floor mats for rubber floor mats. In addition to this, you can replace your wheels with steel or alloy wheels, and of course snow tires are recommended in the winter.

If you feel that your vehicle is not in perfect shape for the winter, call us at 603-689-1851 or visit us at one of our three locations so that we can get you ready for the winter months.