Healthy Lifestyle Initiative

Here at Lovering Auto Group, we encourage our staff and even our customers to live a healthy life. We do a lot of little things that we believe will add up to make a big difference. We’ll show you a list of things that we are currently doing and please let us know if you have any other suggestions for us!

Standing Desks

Stand Up Desk 2Have you ever heard of a stand-up desk? If you haven’t, watch out because you’ll want one for your home or office! This desk is placed on top of your regular desk or table top surface, and extends upwards, or is simply pushed back down. You can sit or stand whenever you’d like throughout your work day. Research has shown that we need to be constantly moving throughout our day. Going to the gym is great, but in addition to this, we need to be getting up and moving all day long. If you sit for hours at a time during the workday and have a long commute, you may be putting yourself at risk for a number of different health concerns.

To make things even easier to manage, these desks come with an app for your phone. It can alert you when to sit and when to stand, depending upon your work schedule. You can input all of this information to the app to personalize it further for you.




Healthy Vending Machine

Vending MachineAnother big step towards our Healthy Living Initiative was replacing our vending machine. Like most vending machines, ours used to carry chips, sodas, candies, etc. Recently we replaced this with a healthy snack vending machine. It has coffee, tea, baked chips, and tries to limit the number of sugary snacks. We were also very excited to see that this machine accepts debit/credit cards, which is great for those days that you don’t have any cash on you.








In-House Gym

INTERIOR - smallOur Nashua location has a brand new, re-designed store, coming in the Summer of 2017. Once this construction is done, we will also have a new employee gym! Having your gym and workplace at the same place is such a convenience that we believe a lot of our employees will use it. We’ll post photos of our new gym once the construction is complete. For now, check out this photo of the new interior of our store.






Smoke-Free Campus

Tobacco Free CampusWe’ve removed the smoking section from Lovering Volvo for everyone’s overall health. Because smoking harms more than just the person that is smoking, we decided to ban it from our locations. You’ll see signs and other reminders when you are on the premises. Again, thank you for not smoking.